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triPhaze is working in the context of experimental electronic music, fieldrecordings, ambient and soundscapes. With his music he creates emotional room filling atmospheres, using digital analog equipment, laptop and diverse fx hardware. He creates Videos, media art and is founder of privatelektro label. triPhaze is reflecting the world around us and create out of this, micro storys and images - who occour in his works.
He collaborated with many different Artists like: Gerard Lebik, Manami N., Simone Weißenfels, Nicolas Weiser, and [sic], Fabian Niermann, and many more. he shared the stage with the cremé de la creme of the improv and experimental music.
triPhaze studied Fotografie @ the Academy of Visual Arts / Leipzig / D / and Time based Art / Dundee / Scotland.
In 2008 he got a "Master of Arts" degree at the Academy of Visual Arts . Leipzig. Germany

and Marek Brandt was a founding member of the Berlin Laptop Orchestra: "Endliche Automaten)" - the first Laptop Orchestra using Laptops like an Instrument and playing contemporary Compositions - listen to Endliche Automaten - LOB music!

triPhaze composed various soundpieces for Orchester and Festivals and for special demands like the Görlitz . european Capital of Culture Capital Event. 2009 the Festival of Lights in Leipzig, Germany - The so far biggest Live / Audio Video work was the Composition: "STATIC TRANSIT" for Light, Video and Sound / performed and arranged at the whole Leipzig Main Station. First Play was the 9th October 2009 LINK.

For the Endliche Automaten Laptoporchester he developed a piece called "PLAY : PAUSE" who got the first play at the Universal Cube in Leipzig Germany 2007. In 2011 the audio visual Work: "Show me where you heath is" mapped on the Fassade of the "Wawel" Castle in Kraków, Poland .

in 2012 the "Hofpause" Project . a Multimedia Projection on the Fassade of the famous Thomas Church in Leipzig was done with a multichannel Sound Composition with live Singers from the St. Thomas Choir of Leipzig (Thomanerchor) . see the Doku VIDEO

actual Releases:

Radiolux . Magnetic Flux . Album / File digital or limited cd in cardboard box sealed.

triPhaze & Jen Morris / Live in Leipzig / privatelektro 2014

The Conference of the Birds / Tape / Razoff production 2014

VeNN Circles feat. Marek Brandt: TUPLE . / BDTA / Zopan / Poland 2013

triPhaze /
Warre Fungus / Wolk / MariaR - Blind Tape Quartets Tape 16

with Nicolas Weiser, he released a CD - named Königsstadt on the belgian Label U-Cover.

I am currently working on:

a new trio called: RADIOLUX . Page + Video

I am part of the NIL (Netzwerk improvisation Leipzig) . live electronic, impro music LINK

a series of AUDIOWALKS / Talkwalks with Bertram Weishaar (Atelier Latent) about the town of Leipzig: Architektur / and interesting places and spaces /

pe cd 012 released 2014
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alpha cut 100
Alpha Cut 100 - locked grooves
Vinyl 2010
live excerpt . Simultan Festival 2008 . Video DVD . Order
la ter Remixed . file mp3
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