Part IV Music for Highland Cows

Performance : Video : Live Audio :

Field near Dundee - Scotland - 2004

25 min

6.43 min . Pal . colour . stereo & ac3 Sound


Marek Brandt (Harp)
Kevin Reid (Guitar & Voice)


Scottish Highlands - This hairy Cows are very special, they are growing since hundreds years in scotland. With their big, massive bodys and immense horns, they are looking like they had overtook a time spiral from ancient times. Living on the ruff landscape in the north of British Islands.. they need from time to time a change...

Together with the Artist Kevin Reid - Guitar and Voice, we played a live performance for this Animals.
Some strange releations to Country music and also somehow relations to the actual media hype for series like . "Who wants to be a superstar".. take the mirror and look into..

The Words (containing lines of a book a kind of scottish version from Lord of the Rings) are re-arranged by Kevin, who is performing with his strong scottish dialect, trying to open an conversation with the cows.. this part of the series is like the other parts a question of reception - who is adressed with this performance..

and last but not least a ironic comment of the mass media culture.


Marek Brandt .Music for Animals - Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken 2014 (HG Andrea Jahn) (Txt: Katharina Ritter)
all photos: copyright by Marek Brandt