Interview TAE

Location: Japan / Osaka, Tokio : feb. 2003

(M---manami K---kenji)

* Which Background existing for TAE. (musical or artistic)

(M) Well, in Japanese we have three different writing systems, one of which is kanji, or Chinese characters. One of the kanji "Tae" means “a beautiful woman” .How do you think “what is a beautiful woman? ” Jennifer Lopez?? …anyway, I think I want to be a beautiful woman (it never means just looks) but I still don’t know the answer… For me, creating music is the best way to express myself. Creating something is often so
lonely and hard works. But keeping on doing, maybe I can look for the answer someday.

* What are the main target, why do you play electronic music ?

(K) I just think using electronics is the best way to create abstract sounds. And if I `m just a player, first I have to do practice keyboard or guitar etc… like sports players! But electronics can do everything whatever I can imagine! On the other hand, creation should not have boarder line and electronic music can do that.
The main target?...I just want to make something perfect that is based on my images.

* How difficult is it, to work over a "long" distance - like using Internet ?

(K) It’s not so difficult I think. You know there are lots of bands that broke up for their complicate communications. Distance sometimes solves such kind of problem. Of course electronics are often complicated though.

* How much is the influence by (so called) western music styles for your music, and do you have
any Models or Heroes ?

(K,M) Of course, music from western countries has had a great influence on us. we also inspired others… from India, Africa, Asia, etc.
(K) My heroes are… David Sylvian, Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruomi Hosono, XTC, Brian Eno, MIKADO, Gel:, Oval, etc.....
(M) ummmm…, as singer, I like Marvin gaye, Ella Fitzgerald, Carol King, etc(more!).
But the thing that I do now inspired from Portishead, Massive Attack I guess.

* Do you have any dreams, your thinking of ?

(K) I want to release my sound in Europe and want many people to hear them.
(M) I think the same as Kenji…and wish my cats are happy in my house forever!

* Is it complicated for a woman to arrange herself with this kind of Technik, Computers, etc.. ?

(M) Sometimes complicated!. Always hard! So I just use the technik that I understand well! But most of important thing is what I want to create. Using computers, most of things are possible. So I recommend women who have something create to buy and try computer works.

* What is your favorite Colour ?

(K) emerald blue, the color of sea
(M) black

* Do you have any Releases except Internet mp3s ?

Sorry we don’t have any schedule now. Please introduce
some label that are interested in us!


Thank you 2 for the interview!

copyright: Interview: triPhaze 2003
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