"Weltrauschen II"

Kulturforum Lüneburg / Germany October / November 2000
(Herausspringen aus der Totschlägerreihe)

Sound / Public Space Installation, 7 Speakers, Plastic Bags, 100 Meter Audio Cable, Amplifier, CD-Player, CD

World-rushes is a sound installation in the public space. The installation was made audible for the public by means of 7 Loudspeakers, which were hidden in the Garden of the Kulturforum / Galery. In some distance one could hear tone and sound fragments, with the ambient noise of the surounding space mixed.
The installation contains Sound Samples from the history of the passed century (20th) - Politicians, Sport, Music, Entertainment, Space, merged to a Soundcollage, which flows in the process to tones and fragments, which nothing more with the contents of the speeches to do has...
(an almost spooky feeling, while the voice came out from the ground)